Friday, January 7, 2011

Knife Making

For today's blog, I thought we should take a look at Steve's process for making a knife from scratch.

Here is an example of some design sketches and tools that Steve forges into knives.

Steve cutting a knife blank from a Model T leaf spring.

Rough grinding work on a forged knife blank.

A little hand fitting with a file.

Fabricating and fitting handle scales made of canvas micarta.

After hardening, the blade is annealed with a torch to remove some of the brittleness from the blade.

The annealed blade edge should cut a curl of steel from the nail without chipping the edge. This is how Steve tells when the blade is right.

Steve uses olive oil to quench tool steel. It works well and smells like pizza. :)

Each knife gets a hand fitted, wet molded leather sheath, all hand stitched.

Custom made knife and sheath for a friend in the Coast Guard. Canvas micarta handle with stainless steel bolster and blade made from old file.

3 stages of progression from file to knife. Handle is made of snake wood and buffalo horn with hand engraved stainless steel bolster.

This fighter is forged from an inch and a quarter Craftsman wrench with bronze fittings, micarta and buffalo horn handle and hand stitched wet molded leather.

2 stages of knife blade from Model T leaf spring.

Steve has taken professional level hand engraving courses through GRS in Kansas. Click here to visit their website.

If you or someone you know has an interest in knives, please give Steve a call or stop in the studio to see what Foxfire can offer!