Monday, December 8, 2008

"Dead of Winter"

    Friday night was our gallery horror art show opening titled "The Dead of Winter". It was anything but dead. Our lively Rock-A-Billy band kept us moving and smiling. With anything from Elvis to Johnny Cash in their own crazy style.
    We had lots of yummy food that we made, and our apprentise "Paula" made a wonderful chocolate/peanut butter /rice crispy dessert that couldn't be beat! Maybe she'll let me post it?
    Some of the artists actually created work for the show. Jill Bauman created a couple of her dimensional pieces, a vampire snowman and snowy owl. We also have some of her awesome prints. Eric Hilliker finished his "Gurm" painting that is part of a series of adventure poetry that he creates. I finished my "Ladies from Hell" a painting that I had in mind for years about the scottish black watch. The painting shows a piper from hell calling on the black watch of various time periods where they march as a ghostly horde to war.
    The rest of our show shouldn't be missed. Seeing the original paintings are soooo much better than an online image! And the paintings by these people are seen usually only at SF/Fantasy/Horror conventions.