Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Art World


  1. Art renewal center, is a wonderful site to go to and bookmark, it'll be a wealth of knowledge and inspiration of other artists, living and dead. It's a site that promotes realism, something that the art community has shunned for too long! I browse it when I have time and use it to get inspired for my own work. There's a variety of subject matter too.
    Our second painting class is tonight, and I look forward to talking art and theory. While "teaching", and I say that loosely as I am always reminded that art is a continual learning process, and that the things I say and point out re-inforce my own thinking when I work on a piece also.

  2. End of the Horror...Sadly we'll be taking down our latest art show this week. People loved the paintings and the comments were all wonderful, but they're just hanging on to their money. It's a sad state when a persons walls go bare, with nothing to stare back but the old paint... sigh... But for anyone still dreaming about that piece that struck them, we'll have the connection with the artists for that painting or print you so desire. Our artists were wonderful and gracious sending us such wonderful work, I have been in awe of their generiosity to us and grateful for their friendship. They've become a little bit more appreciated by an expanded audience. I'm sad to see the art go from this and each show that we've had so far, as I get to see them each day for months and be inspired by all the different techniques.