Wednesday, December 31, 2008



  1. I'm really excited to tattoo two new customers that are veterans that want some major tattoo work done. One is a pant leg of the Vietnam war on one side then the other side the Iraq war. The other is a back piece for a fallen friend while they were on tour in Iraq. It took quite some time to draw the pieces up, but I think they'll like it. Being able to work on these men that gave of themselves for our freedom is an honor to work on them. That's what I love about tattooing!

  2. One of the awesome artists participating in our "Dead of Winter" show has a painting that was turned into a tattoo! Charles Lang is from Salem, MA where he and his wife Wendy run a frame shop. check out their link to find out more about them. Fans of Charles know what a wonderful sense of humor he has, and his ability to "turn a phase" and create something that is truly memorable! check the tattoo page, along with the current art show to see which one. Actually, we have quite a few paintings here that could be great inspiration for tattoos.